Mixed Hedge

Mixed Hedge

PLEASE NOTE: These plants are bare root so whilst they can be ordered now they will be shipped between November and March as this is the only time they can be planted. When you order a pack or an individual plant please choose the delivery date you want between November 10th 2018 and March 31st 2019.

If ever there was a “Win Win” situation for humans and wildlife it’s a native hedge. I suppose the original motivation for farmers to plant was to make their fields stockproof and those of us who have been pushed through a hedge backwards can testify to the fact that it is a very good deterant (!)

Anyway, these days hedgerows are protected and cannot be removed without a license, and many farmers are working to really increase biodiversity and natural habitat.

So what’s stopping you planting a native hedge this year?


Planting a hedge is easy. Its best to dig over the soil and get rid of large stones but if you have to you can plant your bare roots by just making a slit with your spade and popping them in! Afterwards maintenance is really low, basically you trim once a year!


1500 insects, 65 birds and 20 mammals have been recorded at some time living or feeding in hedgerows, so it justifies a bit of space I would say! Our smallest pack is for 3 metres of hedge, But if you are really limited on the space front why not pick a few plants and have a tiny hedge. Hedges act as wildlife corridors and whatever you do let us know and we can make sure your bit is added on to the estimated UK hedge length of 450,000 km!!


You will be rewarded in no time with lots of butterflies, birds and moths of course but don’t forget the berries, the seeds, the flowers and the wonderful foliage. Your hedge will provide year round interest and a lovely garden feature in it’s own right. In the wiggly garden the hedge wiggles its way right through the middle.

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