Grow your own

Grow your own

Whilst buying local food is a first step to enjoying really fresh seasonal vegetables, there is nothing quite like having your pan of water simmering at the ready… popping out to your plot with basket over your arm, plucking your baby carrots from the soil… and eating them within 10 minutes! Scrummy!

It used to be considered quite a luxury to grow vegetables – processed food was all the rage, - and cheap. It simply wasn’t fashionable to want to grow your own, when there were so many other demands on your time.

However, all that has changed (thank goodness) over the last few years. Yes, food prices have risen, and yes we are all told that “staycations” are in vogue as we stay home more to save money… But the real change is that we have started to value our food much more.

We used to think “reduced” was the best word to read on a label, - whether that was “reduced sugar” or “reduced fat”, then we moved on to “added”… “added vitamins” “added omega 3”. Now we have moved full circle, and realise that by far the best option is “real food.” Real, proper, untampered, unprocessed fresh food.

As we value our food more, we accept prices have to rise, - as fresh and tasty becomes a priority. The knock on effect of all this is that it makes Growing Your Own Veg really economical, as well as beneficial for the environment and our own wellbeing. As the saying goes “Gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow.”

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