Meet heather


Heather is the founder of Wiggly’s and loves living and working on the farm. Phil (her husband) runs the farm, and she heads up Wiggly Wigglers. She is a Nuffield Scholar, and loves working with people who enjoy their work, and contribute to the business. She loves the variety and creativity of the business, and most of all she loves chocolate. She has a chocolate Labrador, a chocolate cat, a chocolate car and a chocolate picnic set…
She deals with trade enquirees, PR, and lots more. She loves to travel, - all trips considered :0)

Meet San


San is one of the directors at Wiggly Wigglers, and runs Blakemere on a day to day basis. Her background is in the corporate world but she didn’t like all the rules :0), and now she loves the variety of being part of a small business. She says she can be talking about ants in a wormery, sorting wedding flowers, sourcing new products, then mopping the floor! (I’m not convinced this happens often :-)

She reckons she is not photogenic and loves nothing better than a trip off, and is a City of Hereford Rotarian, seriously helping to lower the average age of the Club…


Meet Rach


Rach heads up Wiggly Operations and is a Director in the company. She has enjoyed being part of Wigglys from the beginning and loves the fact that so many of the products are local.

Her favourite part of her work is getting things right for the customer (just the ticket there Rach :0)

Rach would however like to hibernate in winter with the hedgehogs as she is a sun lover! She loves her Labrador dog as she does everything Rach asks, even if it is wrong – in return for a little extra food :0)

Meet Toast


Aka - Phillip Gorringe. The lord of the manor and Heather's husband. Farmer Phil runs Lower Blakemere farm, he grows a large amount of the seed that we buy off him to sell. He is also somewhat of a twitter star!


Meet Noelle


West Midlands Wedding Florist of the Year 2017, our head florist Kat used to run Bamboo- the flower gallery in Ledbury. We are very happy that she's joined team Wiggly with her many years of floristry experience - especially weddings! Along with Alex, she's in charge of turning your wedding wishlists and ideas into amazing flower arrangements!

Meet Rob


Herefordshire born and bred, strong in the arm and quick in the head (well he likes to think so!!) Robs wiggly duties are packing customers goods, receiving goods, putting stock away, generally being helpful and keeping Rachel in check as well!!

Rob says that the best part of his job is that no two days are the same. Rob is heavily involved in Scouting and Young Farmers in the County and likes to keep up with all things Herefordshire.

Meet Lydie


Lydia, our florist, is our latest addition. She used to work at Bamboo with Kat and we are very pleased she followed her to Wiggly's! She works day-to-day in our floristry with Kat, always arranging amazing flowers, creating our wonderful Wedding arrangements and assists in setting up flowers that are hand-delivered to local venues!

Meet Jo


The newest member of our Wiggly team, Jo works part time in our Floristry.

Meet Jam


Jenny also works part time in our Floristry - working on orders for weddings and the Gloucester Services.


Meet Rob


Alison works in the Wiggly Worm Shed, packing all sorts of live and dried worms for your garden birds and composters.

Meet Marj


Along with Trish, Stacey works in the Wiggly Office dealing with customer enquiries, taking your orders and helps couples on thier journey of ordering Wedding Flowers!

Meet Jam


Along with Stacey, Trish works in the Wiggly Office dealing with customer enquiries, taking your orders and helps couples on thier journey of ordering Wedding Flowers!

Meet Rob


Our digital marketer chap (or marketeer depending on who’s talking) he handles all kinds of video/ photography/ design needs for Wiggly Wigglers and The Great British Florist. In a previous life he was a manager at a bargain shop, but after being given an opportunity at Wigglys he quickly decided that, with a degree in media, retail wasn’t the place for him.

He’s never happier than with a camera in his hand, and that camera being pointed towards someone’s face. He is the proud owner of two budgies, a large film collection and a beard.

Meet Marj


Introducing the Wiggly Wigglers Marketing Manager, Queen of the Wiggly Office & Face of British Flowers. Marj will greet you as you enter the office, stand under your feet and test her doggy mountaineering by climbing from desk to desk.

Marj responds to her name (only if it's screamed accross the farm) and is quite happy to tuck into any lunch that is lying about!

Meet Jam


The younger of our two chocolate labs, Jam is a lover of a good wander, poking her head into just about every place on the farm to see who is up to what. She’s usually found playing around with Marj.