Goat Socks

Goat Socks

Our 'Warm and Wiggly' Goat Socks are made right here in the UK, using Mohair wool from a flock of Angora goats.

Heather first tried Goat Socks in the depths of winter when the ordinary socks she was wearing that day left her feet literally freezing. As soon as she put on a pair of Goat Socks they warmed her feet up until they were toasty. So, she's worn them ever since and is slowly converting the rest of the Wiggly Office.

Goat Socks are available in lots of colours and styles these days. Each style is available in three sizes with a choice of colours. As well as being really warm, the Mohair wool in the socks has another great advantage... it magically ensures that even the smelliest of feet do not smell! This means you don't have to wash them as often. How green is that!

They may not be the cheapest socks you could buy, but they are lovely and their quality means that they will last for years and years! Even our local farmers (not renowned for spending more than they have to!) think these socks are such good value that they all now wear them.

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