Composting Extras

Composting Extras

If composting is such a natural process, that takes place all over the world, in all types of different environments, 'round the clock, in all kinds of weather, then why can it sometimes be so difficult to get a simple garden compost heap going? Especially when all your neighbours have thriving compost heaps generating tons of the black stuff.

Before giving up and filing composting away with the Loch Ness Monster and the uncanny knack of washing machines to eat left socks as unexplainable mysteries of nature, take a look at our Composting Extras. Here are all those little extras that can make all the difference to your composting. We have the spares - such as taps and legs - you'll need to get a broken wormery back up and running again. Then we have consumables like Moisture Mats and Lime Mix that can keep it running in peak condition. For your garden composter we have Turbo Charger kits that let you add worm assistance, and a couple of balancers that can help you compost those perennially difficult customers - grass clippings and fallen leaves.

Grass clippings and fallen leaves are normally so hard to compost because they come in such large doses. A few clippings and a few fallen leaves mixed in with lots of other garden waste - soft prunings, dead heads, shredded woody stems and, of course, the inevitable weeds - pose no problem at all for a composter, because this is how it should be... as in so many things, variety is the spice of composting life. But dump a sackful of grass clippings into the composter and all you'll get is horrid slime. The problems caused by that deluge of dead leaves in the autumn is, from a technical viewpoint, almost exactly the opposite, but the result is the same:, they both fail to compost. The secret is to balance the contents of your compost heap. Complete Rot for Grass and Complete Rot for Leaves both do just that. They work by providing what their target material lacks, balancing the carbon/nitrogen ratio and letting normal composting get going, thus letting you get on with enjoying your garden!

Otherwise, successful composting, whether in a wormery or a garden composter, is just a matter of keeping conditions right and letting nature take its course. So if your composter gets too wet, cover it over to keep the rain off then mix in some shredded cardboard (at last, a use for those toilet roll centres!). If it gets dry to the touch, sprinkle water onto the moisture mat. Remember to treat your worms to handful of WormTreat every now and again and, if you find the contents getting a little acidic, mix in a little Anti-acid Lime Mix (if you want to measure acidity levels you should check out our pH Meter in the Garden Tools section). After all, composting IS a natural process and with a little care at first, it will work for you.

As always, if you need any more information just give us a call on 0800 216990 (UK only) and we'll do our best to help.

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