Your worm composter by Guest Blogger Simon Sherlock

Wormery - if you own a wormery you probably already know to protect it from the elements during the winter, but what about the summer months?  They need just as much care now as in the winter; temperatures can swing this way and that during the British summer so your worms can find themselves subjected to roasting hot temperatures and bright sunshine one minute and a severe flooding the next (when it then decides to rain, either as part of a thunder storm or, more likely, for the whole six weeks your children are off school).  

The high temperatures can cause the waste in the bin to rot, raise acidity and generally make life for the worms very uncomfortable.  They can die from these situations as I myself found out earlier in the year when my 10 year old bin got over fed by Bokashi at the very same time we had weeks of rain followed by an extremely hot week of sun.  The worms headed to the sump and I lost the entire bin.  Luckily Wiggly Wigglers were on hand to supply me with a new batch of worms and I was able to start the bin up again.
So what should you do
- It's worth buying a rain cap for your wormery – this lets air into the bin but keeps the majority of the rain out so the sump doesn't fill up and the worms are less likely to drown. - Use lots (and lots) of shredded paper and keep a close eye on how fast the worms are eating.  It's imperative not to over feed or things can easily get messy (and smelly). - Add a handful of anti-acid lime mix for controlling the pH and some worm treat  for keeping them in top waste munching condition. - Empty the sump daily and use the lovely “worm tea” in a 10:1 ratio with water to organically feed your vegetables and flowers.  You will be amazed at how well they will do with this lovely organic feed.

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