you made your bed, now lie in it

at last planting season is here! next to my bed sleep dormant seeds - waking slowly to the world of light and heat. my cold frame is looking a bit battered after falling off the shed so i've invited it indoors despite last year's how-many-more-pots-are-you-gonna-have-on-the-windowsills-and-for-how-long conversations!
i'm now looking at the bare earth on fast forward -- imagining the flowers and green leaves filling all that empty space. it's positive, and i feel that familiar spring feeling of total renewal.
been watching the birds too -- oddly we seem to have a robin/blue tit pair -- they are always together. and my blackbirds are back. they all have distinctive white marks on their head so i'm pretty sure its last year's pair or their progeny.
the worms too, guided by good advice on the mondo bizarro wiggly worm facebook group, are awake again. (who would have thought that the quickest and most thorough replies you could get online would be from keen worm composting enthusiasts?!)
i guess it's the deskbased amongst us who most need the balance of a bit of earth. quick replies and up to our elbows in dreams of chucking it all in for a simpler life.

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