Yellow Brandy Wine Tomatoes

Its time to plant your Tomatoes
But which ones:
Yellow Brandy Wine Tomatoes are absolutely delicious and...yellow. Definitely my favourite but dont just take my word for it. Here's a couple of reviews
A big, yellow fruited tomato with a rich, delicious flavour. Cordon.
Sow under glass in Mar/April.
Tim wrote this 5 star review on 02 March 2009
I agree with the other review so far - best flavour for any tomato I can recall. Quite large heavy fruits so need a lot of support.
Susan wrote this 5 star review on 14 December 2008
Brandywine tomatoes are the best Tomatoes. They are so sweet and seem to have fewer seeds than other tomatoes.
Sow now on your windowsill.

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