This is a special post for all the Women in Rural Enterprise - WiRE who came to yesterday's seminar. Thank you all for coming to my talk, and for those of you who said you would like to try a new technology here is your important link:

Women in Podcasting

You will see there that Anna, Krishna and myself have formed the Podcast Sisters where you can listen in (free of charge) to our podcasts. Our goal is to provide provide inspiration and guidance for women in Europe on how to engage with the internet to progress their personal and professional goals.

As I said I really think that this global form of communication is relevant to many many businesses even if your business is aimed at a local market.

Next week's Podcast Sisters podcast will be especially useful to you as it is about Blogging. You can follow when its up on the Women in Podcasting link. If you need help tuning in, or have questions just put them up as comments on this post and we can share information together. If you have technical questions I shall pass you on to Anna and Krishna to comment.

Some of you also committed to comment on my blog anyway, so how about reviewing the talk I gave you. Negative or positive, let me know what you think and I can use the comments as endorsements or indeed as learning points.

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