WiRE at Camarthen

I had the chance to speak to rural business women today at a WiRE Farming Connect event in Camarthen.

There's something incredibly rewarding about spreading the news about the power of Blogging and Podcasting. When I first spoke about this (my favourite subject) it was to a group of Young Farmers over a year ago. Less than 3% of them had heard of a podcast. Today it was around the 40% mark. Now thats what I call growth. Anyway, I did my bit and if any of you ladies who were at today's events would like to try out commenting on a Blog you can try it here, go on, you know you can...it wont matter if you mess it up. If you have a problem email me: heather@wigglywigglers.co.uk
Press the comment button and add your words of wisdom to this post. What did you think of the event, any highlights? or lowlights, any "takeaways"? - things you can take home and use? What were they?
I had several, but the one that sticks out in my mind was in
Julie Thomas's presentation where she shared her research on Welsh family farming and the changes that had taken place, such as decline in the next generation taking on the farm and the fact that the woman was now bringing in an income from outside the farm and I was lulled into this false sense of security. I understood the reasons behind this and knew that this was the case, and then she said: "Have you got a table?"

And I fell into the trap - head first. Of course I've got a table I thought! 100% of the folks answered that they had got a table - and of course they've got a table. And then the bombshell - loads of people in Cardiff dont have a table - no table in the house. In fact, some homes are being built without a kitchen! Her point was driven home, cultures are different - and the rural way of life is at odds with the norm. We need to think about this when we design and market products. They have to be useful and relevant to the customer - not us. She's right.

I could apply this to my talk straight away.

I asked Julie from WiRE to critique my talk and my development points were that she needed to visualise what I was talking about - she didn't need a Powerpoint but a photo of Blog Posts, a clip from the Podcast etc would have helped her and especially people who haven't heard of podcasting or blogging to get some direct reference to the subject matter. There we are - no need to change the content - just apply it differently depending on the audience. Will do.

Now tomorrow - Wednesday 15th November 2006 should mean I can tell you a secret, and so I will.

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