Wigglys like buying too!

If you make or know of a corking product that you think fellow Wiggly customers would like please do let us know. So far this Spring we have sourced 202 new products that fit into the Wiggly Way of Life. 
Our favourite products to source are produced in the UK, maybe on farm, that folks who want a bit of The Good Life would not only like, but that also would find a practical use for. For example we have found a new Wildflower, another set of Bags for Life, some brilliant gardening tools, a compost tin, some lovely new instant veggie gardens, some Cornishware and lots more. (By the way they will be online soon - I will post here to let you know
If you would rather not post it here you can contact me on heather@wigglywigglers.co.uk
Thank you all.

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