Wiggly Wigglers versus The Archers!

Lower Blakemere Farm

I love The Radio Times Podcast Review

and when it truely chooses The Wiggly Podcast above Radio 4's - The Archers, I cant quite believe it! Its a great place to choose what podcast to try next, have fun!

Here's what they said yesterday:
"Imagine The Archers wasn't full of middle-aged people, huffing and puffing in the fields and spouting ill-informed nonsense about world events. Imagine instead an Ambridge populated with nice, normal people, all of them well informed and talking about sustainable farming, responsible cultivation and other such interesting things. Imagine they also had a sense of humour.

Well done - you've just imagined Wiggly Wigglers, a weekly look at all things green and earthy. This podcast is pure rural joy, evoking thoughts of Sunday walks through the countryside, the smell of the soil and the rich texture of the manure you just trod in. Perfect for when you're running for that Monday morning bus." by David McCandles

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