Wiggly Wigglers in New York

Thanks to Karen and The Federation of Small Business www.fsb.org.uk for our wonderful prize for winning Small Business Champion for the UK. The FSB looks after the interests of small business in many ways including lobbying government on behalf of members. One of their latest fights is how the pension policy is going to work for people with their own business. You can find more info at their website, but I can definitely recommend entering The Small Business Champion Award! Go for it.
So Wigglys in New York.......
Yes...of course there was a limo....yippee and with essentials on board.
Podcasting in The Rise Bar - Ritz Carlton with Rob and Brother Love from the fantastic travel guide to New York - The New York Minute Show. www.newyorkminuteshow.com
and www.brotherloverocks.com
Karen from the FSB, with Rob in recording mode.
Top of The Rock - unmissable
Rach really enjoying the company of one of The Blue Man Group. Great show just off Broadway.
Team Photo - it was a little chilly but we did manage to leave the day before the 28 inches of snow.

Skye from The Statten Island Botanical Gardens Compost Scheme explaining what New Yorkers do with their organic waste. Here more on Podcast 20 www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/podcastsCouldn't miss her out - designed by Mr Eiffel, she was gifted to the US by France - her finger is 8ft long and her crown with its seven points represents the seven continents and the seven seas. So there you are. Wigglys in New York with the FSB.

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