Wiggly water babes

There has been a degree of mirth and merriment in the office today having heard the full car and puddle story, from the horse’s mouth. Apparently Rach was on her way to collect Pam when she came across a puddle outside Pinkie’s house (unbeknown to Rach this puddle is notorious, well in Preston on Wye anyway!). Part the way through she realised that it was a “no goer” and decided to reverse out. She tried to lower the window, but it refused to work so instead (bearing in mind she was in the middle of a not inconsequential puddle) she decided to open the car door. This was absolutely fine until she started to reverse when waves of muddy water started washing over the door sill. Having extricated herself from said puddle she tried to turn around in a gateway and in doing so managed to knock a panel off the bottom of the car. She limped back to the Wiggly office where Pip managed to fix the panel back onto the car whilst she bailed it out… with a mug. The Wiggly car is looking very sorry for itself today with steamed up windows and smells none too sweet.

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