Wiggly Show Notes

Wiggly Podcast 14 Show Notes
This week I've completed our first ever Skype interview via the podcast - what fun! And I sat in on Michael editing the podcast which was fabby too. You can make people sound really intelligent when you take out the "ums" and "ahhs"! Not that there were many...... The Wiggly Interview this week which is out on number 14 Wiggly podcast was with Matt Dunwell from Ragmans Farm. He has grown all our Shiitake Mushroom logs and talks about how this fits into his farming mix. Shiitake Mushroom Logs have been really popular from Wiggly Wigglers this Christmas and Matt explained how they innoculate the logs, store them and then how they fruit. He reckons they taste fab and have health benefits too. Listen in, there's lots more - Monty's worm cast, Farmer Phil talks about Penquin Quarter - (its a bull), Richard talks about Kitchen Gardens' Composting Review and we give a Chocolate rating to a great wildlife gardening resource -

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