Wiggly Photos

The latest Wiggly catalogue has landed and you may have seen (on Page 21) some photos of Farmer Phil's lovely bright sunflowers. The sunflower patches are just down the round from Blakemere Farm in Preston-On-Wye and Bridge Sollers.

Heather asked me if I could take a few photos and since I don't need asking twice when it comes to photography, off I went with my trusty Nikon D90 (best birthday present ever). That few turned out to be 80 plus and if you have the time, you can see them all HERE!

If you were lucky enough to receive a Wiggly box of sunshine, this is where the flowers started life.

I have been interested in photography for quite some time and have owned many different cameras. My current baby is the Nikon D90 which is a DSLR. But I also currently own a Canon Powershot (digital), Canon EOS 3000 SLR and a Lomo which is a mass produced Soviet camera that takes wonderfully retro looking pictures.

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