Wiggly Hay Festival Winners

In our last e-news and Facebook News we held a competition for tickets for several events at Hay Festival. Here are the winners - congratulations all. See you there and dont miss the Wiggly Garden (stand 30) when you come.

* Event 66
*Dan Pearson*: /Garden Inspiration
and the winners were Tom Short, Nick Holmes and Michelle Chapman

* Event 155
*Stephen Anderton and Charles Hawes* /Discovering Welsh Gardens
and the winners were Revd Chris Colton and Rita Chamberlain

* Event 340
*Tim Birkhead*: /The Wisdom of Birds
and the winners were Caroline Langdon and Norma

* Event HF38
*Leo Hickman*: /Will Jellyfish Rule the World?
and the winner was Sue Robertson

* Event HF27
- *Olly & Suzi*: /Wild Art Wonders
and the winner was Sarah Cooper

Well done all, and thanks to everyone for entering.

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