Wiggly Digging for Christmas

A small request...

As many of you are aware Digg have now started "digging" podcasts...It would be lovely and very appropriate if the Wiggly Podcast could be "dugg" me thinks. So if you enjoy the show, could you please press this click and Digg it. Thank you

Here's a few of my favourites which I have already "Dugg" and if you enjoy their podcasts you can "Digg em" here.
Now if you like:
The Engaging Brand you can "digg" it by clicking here.
SmallBizPod with Alex here
For Immediate Release here
Geek.Farm.Life here
I couldn't find many of my favourites - such as Gastrocast, Heidi Miller, and Eie Flud yet but I expect they'll occur soon. When I posted this post The Wiggly Podcast had 2 clicks, the idea is to get on the first page so that needs over a thousand clicks...
Merry Clicking

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