Wiggly Days Dates for 2007

If your last contact with worms was at biology class at school, its time to think again. Worms are fascinating creatures which are vital to the continued survival of all life on earth. Richard is running a Worm Composting Day on May 9th you'll learn all about worm assisted composting and walk around the farm to see the effect modern agriculture techniques can have on worm populations.

Wiggly Days are fun and really informative, lots of days are booked as pressys for other people and this year we have a completely new day - Richard's Country Day on July 5th which will focus on the realities of living in the countryside and he'll provide a real insight inmto wildlife and farming.

Most popular last year was Family Day which this year takes place on August 15th and will include pond dipping in the woods and a picnic in the fields.

Jenny Steel visits on 28th April and 9th June to share her wildlife knowledge and enthusiasm with two full day courses - most of the team have been on one of these and say the day was just the ticket.

More details on all the days.

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