Wiggly Christmas

Well its been a record Christmas at Wiggly Wigglers - with over 5000 parcels going out between 1st December and 21st. Business Post are busy finishing off deliveries but to the best of our knowledge all the pressies either have made it or will very very shortly.
Podcast 63 comes out at 9.29am give or take a few minutes on Christmas Day and with the Queen producing her first Christmas Message Podcast we thought we would produce our own from Queen Worm...

The Wiggly Christmas Podcast for 2006.
There's plenty of listener feedback although some correspondents are less than charitable to Riccardo. Then there's not one, but two, messages from the Farm Phone. Phil is off to deck the hall with boughs of Holly, which sets off a discussion about winter berries, and Richard tries to save money on parking fees.

If you do get an iPod for Christmas maybe the Wiggly Podcast could provide the escape from Aunty June?
And many thanks to all our listeners for tuning in, enjoy.

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