Wiggly Beehive

I'm really pleased to see the Wiggly Beehive reviewed in The Independent last week. Pip makes all the beehive composters here on the farm and then they are painted by Noelle and Maggie.
There's a bit online, I've put the link below:
Your Planet: The ten best gardening products
Chosen by Sally J Hall
Published: 20 September 2005
1.Wiggly Wigglers Beehive Composter
There's no need to hide this attractive composter away at the bottom of the garden. Made from sustainable, treated timber, this comes in four stackable sections and features a front door to harvest your compost. The clever design allows air to circulate within the bin and it's available in a range of seven new colours including pink. 0800 216990 www.wigglywigglers.co.uk £120 plain, £140 painted
We've put a pink one in the garden here at Blakemere and it looks really good against the verbena and the grasses. It works great too. The beehive is quite small so its a good idea to get as much microbial activity happening in there as possible. You can help the composting process by adding your worm liquid regularly or Bokashi composted material. Ours is in the flower garden and there's a tendency to put just dead heads into the composter which can dry out unless you add something else - greeny waste would be good too - glass clippings etc.

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