Why you should tune into The Wiggly Podcast...

Check this out:
Only One Ireland
Thank you Josephine!!

and here's the latest review (number 7) on iTunes in the US about the Wiggly Podcast.
Its from Jon and Ash - thank you both.

"Wonderful! 5 stars"
This is one of the most entertaining, and enjoyable shows on Podcast or even in all areas of entertainment. It is so refreshing and joyful. It's like having a bunch of friends over to lunch. Makes me wish I was in Britain (not that the USA is bad)

and our latest UK review...
"It could only be British! 5 stars
by JemScot
If you come to this direct from iTunes you might think you've landed on another planet. If you are a reader of the catalogue and customer of Wiggly Wigglers then you will recognise the charming quirkiness that runs through everything they do.
They could only be British.
That said, listen through the excellent silliness and really learn something. This is green, environmentally aware and countryside-savvy. This is rural reality and acknowledges that it's not a museum out there but a working, commercial environment where landscapes are managed and furry little animals get killed. A breath of fresh air!

And...if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, according to The Guardian and last week, Timesonline's Jane Owen and Lucy Siegle in The Observer yesterday Wiggly Wigglers is a good old firm to use for the green and the good! I agree with them! Rach says please get your order in by 4pm tomorrow otherwise she will tear her hair out, or yours! For the greenie who doesn't want everything, encourage her to ferment her Christmas Dinner in a Bokashi Bin
then light her own log fire recycling her Christmas wrapping paper with a Logmaker!!

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