Who would you kiss under the mistletoe?

On a festive theme, I asked the Wiggly team who they would just love to kiss (other than their partner) under the mistletoe and why.

Jo, Sales Team - Ewan McGregor because her husband says she isn’t allowed to. She's also banned from visiting Scotland because she loves a man with a Scottish accent ie Ewan McGregor.

Alison, Sales Team – Hugh Grant because he’s funny and Richard Hammond, aka The Hamster, because he’s loverly.

Heather, Chairman – Elvis (I did point out that he was ever so slightly dead!)

Hannah, Sales Team – Russell Brand. Hannah likes her men to be “intelligent and have something useful to offer.”

Jodie, Production Manager – Initially Jodie had trouble deciding because “there are just so many!”, but she eventually came up with Liam Neeson and anyone else with a sexy Irish accent (but not Graham Norton).

Pam, Office Manager – Kevin Costner because he looked good in a tunic in Robin Hood.

Ricky, Despatch Team – “At my age any man who's willing!”

Dan, Despatch Team – Rihanna and Elisha Cuthbert at the same time (reasons unprintable!) or, if it had to be a boy, Brad Pitt (the latter was a voluntary contribution!)

Di, Despatch Team – Heath Ledger or Joseph Fiennes just because they’re gorgeous.

Noelle, Despatch Team
– Sean Connery as Bond because he was a bit of a hunk.

Flash, Business Post Driver, who was unfortunate enough to be passing through despatch at the time, likes “a little bit of Kylie”.

Rosie, Florist – Colin Firth, partly because of that very famous scene from Pride and Prejudice, and Richard Armitage.

Wendy, Depatch Team – Richard Geer and The Hamster (Richard Hammond that is!)

San, Business Development Team – Brad Pitt because he’s “fit”.

Tanya, Accounts Clerk – David Tennant (loves Scottish men in kilts!) and The Hamster (he looks a bit like David Tennant) and they both do the quirky eyebrow thing! ps She also thinks Gerard Butler is a bit of alright!

Karen, Sales Team – Robin Ellis (as he was when he played Ross Poldark) or Alan Rickman with Brian Blessed talking in the background.

Richard, Development Manager – Apart from his mum (?) and blokes when he’s drunk, it would have to be Alison.

Rachel, Managing Director – George Michael (some of you may have spotted the slight flaw, but Rach reckons she can “sort him out”)

So go on then, who would you like to kiss and why?

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