What's in the Birdy Box for March?

Thanks to Lou Beeken of www.thebeekenlife.com who says:

"A kilo bag of live mealworms - £19.50....a wren eating out of you hand on a cold winter's day - priceless"

"What a difference a week can make! February’s weather was characteristically mixed with

snow blizzards across the county one week, then 10 degrees and positively spring-like the next.

The feeling that Spring is just around the corner is shared with a sense of realistic optimism.

Whilst woodpeckers can be heard drumming for miles through quiet woodland and tits can be

seen floating from branch to branch in their butterfly-type mating flights, it’s worth considering

that tough times still lay ahead. With that in mind, this month’s assortment of seed and

accompaniments will provide for all eventualities."


In this month’s Birdy Box:

Wiggly Seed

A great mix for most garden birds from sparrows

to collared doves. Contains Wheat, Hemp, Red Dari,

Sunfl ower Seeds, Canary Seeds, Millet and Linseed.

Hi-Energy Block with Wiggly Crumble

We’ve taken our Wiggly Crumble bird feed and mixed

it into high grade, hi-energy suet to make this great

alternative to normal seeds. Ideal for winter feeding.

Black Sunfl ower Seed

These seeds are packed with oils and protein, making

them a year round alternative to peanuts. Harvested

from sunfl owers grown here on the farm by Farmer

Phil, a great all round wild birdfood.

Energy Balls

These fat balls provide high levels of energy. To prevent

birds getting caught in the mesh remove the plastic

wrapping before use.


Birds simply adore these! Mealworms are made up of

over 48% crude protein and 40% fat, making them an

excellent, proven food for all insect eating garden birds.

Robins can’t get enough of them

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