Wet Wet Wet

Richard says:

"After the warmest January night on record the prevailing bands of persistent precipitation continue to top up our depleted groundwater supplies and keep our chocolate coloured rivers bank high. My water butts are positively brimming, the holes that have rusted through, acting as incidental overflows gushing forth in several of the decrepit receptacles surrounding ever conceivable roof . Funny stuff water; we kind of take it for granted, that is until the local water board impose a hose pipe ban or when, for example, Thames water are advertised as thinking about filtering brackish water straight out of the Thames estuary to sustain an ever overpopulated land mass. Harvesting water is so very simple and figuring out cunning irrigation strategies in the garden adds a whole new dimension to things. I adore being inundated with water butts and in many respects collecting water is very much a part of ‘Gardening for Wildlife’, using that which naturally occurs in an unadulterated form to keep the garden positively pulsating right through the year. For me water is precious; the clarity that epitomises the inundations of recent weeks which changes to the mosquito and midge larvae infested, algae enriched puddles, in the midst of our driest months, is a prize worth catching."

And so the moral of the story is please buy your water butt now - remember last year? Squillions of folk tried to buy one in July when there was no rain and in fact the whole of Europe ran out of WATER BUTTS!

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