We're OK in California AND Texas

Podcasting reaches the parts other Wigglyness simply cant reach!
The Wiggly Podcast has listeners all over the World and of course they have their own iTunes stores where reviews are posted.Here are the latest from the US Store - thanks to KK and Texas Dave:
KK from CaliforniaWiggly Wigglers Rock! 5 starsI have just discovered your podcast and website. What an absolutely brilliant (to use Heather's word) and creative way to send out some of the most interesting, helpful and ecological information. I have grown very fond of all of you and I feel that I am right there in your living room and traipsing your farm. How truly glad I am to have found you and so thankful that you have followed some wiggly dream and vision to share with us all. Bravo! Karel Hendee
Texas DaveWho thought gardening could be this fun! 5 startsI'm not sure how I found this podcast but, it is now one of my favourites! The characters that the show has developed are fun and consistant. The content is always fresh and a true treat each week. If you know someone just getting starting in podcasting or, who loves nature, gardening and comedy, pass this podcast along. Each week I feel like I'm on the sofa with the gang. And yes, Farmer Phil has a fan in Texas! Cheers from Dave near Dallas TX.
Tune in on iTunes or pop here me dear!

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