Veggies in July by guest blogger Simon Sherlock!

Vegetables – I know there are 101 articles being published at the moment on what to do with your vegetables in July, tying up this and dead heading that etc, but not many of these articles will be aimed at those of us who are growing vegetables in pots.  Earlier in the year I wrote a blog post explaining how I prepared my pots for planting vegetables – by adding some finished Bokashi in the bottom, some finished worm casts from the wormery and then 'normal' compost for planting the young plants into.  These plants have all now shot up and many (tomatoes and various beans) are in flower and looking really healthy.  
So what needs doing now, other than the standard pinching out of the tomatoes etc, is some top dressing of the pots.  This acts as a mulch in the hot days to make them less likely to dry out, as well as a good feed that gets washed down to the roots every time you water them.  If you have some more finished worm casts then this will be best but if not finished compost from the compost heap or bin will also work well.
You should also be feeding the plants in pots and I use some 'worm tea' or leachate from the sump of the worm bin at an approximately 10:1 ratio, watering them daily (twice daily if really hot).  You can also use Bokashi juice (I use a similar ratio but there's nothing scientific about my approach), though I personally only do this once a week, though mainly because I have less of it available.
(Thanks Simon)By the way - this is the garden at Lower Blakemere Farm before veggies...

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