Using Yellow Rattle in our Wildflower Meadow

Yellow Rattle is semi-parasitic, its roots tapping into those of surrounding grasses for nutrients. This suppresses the grass, making more room for the Yellow Rattle and the other wildflowers in your garden. The ideal time to sow this is the autumn, because it needs about 3 months of cold temperatures after sowing to help germination. We've mixed ours in with the seed, but if you have an existing meadow its worth sprinkling yellow rattle over it once you've cut it to help ensure the stronger grasses dont take over.

We spread our Wildflower mix at 2g per square metre and over this area we spread 3g of yellow rattle. Honestly you dont need three people for this task, they must have wanted to be in the photo!
We finished off by raking and watered the whole area thoroughly, although there was no need as in Lower Blakemere today its bucketing down.....ah well should make the seed grow.

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