Two Absolute Corkers

I absolutely love it here at Wiggly Wigglers. You never know whats going to happen next.......
Laura wrote in saying she had received her cowslips but not her foxgloves, and so Alison left a message on her answerphone to explain that they had just been despatched so not to worry.
She emailed us to say; My husband picked up the message and relayed it as "your socks and gloves will be delivered next week"! Thought that might make you chuckle.
And then I heard from Frankie from Allotment No21 Both Frankie and Mel have been busy since January 2006 working on their allotment and writing their blog and they say:
Dear Wiggly Wigglers, The bird box cam I bought Spouse for Christmas has got blue tits nest building! I've put the pictures & a link on the blog at:
How exciting and even better than that there's a film on the blog of the tits making a nest. Those girls have got the hang of gardening, wildife, and technology. Love it!!
Double Corker!

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