time in between time

I've planned almost too well because for the moment, there's not too much to do in the veg patch. My winter crop of brussels sprouts, potatoes, parsnips and carrots are happily stretching up and down as the case may be (not to mention taking up all the available room after growing ridiculously huge in this wet/hot summer) and i'm here tapping my toes wondering what to tell you about!

Those veggies went in when i was pregnant in a rare moment of effective forward planning -- knowing that i would have limited gardening time and even more limited planting. In fact, the timing couldn't really have been worse from an allotmenteer's point of view as my due date was right on easter weekend when the majority of us in the midlands are planting as much as humanly possible in a rush of joy at the soil and the air finally warming up!

I have, however, ruthlessly felled my garden peas and so have probably half a square meter to play with. Trouble is i have, as usual, about a hundred competing ideas about what to put in!

The gardens and plots we have / and the ones we dream of ...

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