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You may have seen the feature about Wiggly Wigglers in The Daily Mirror earlier this month. (If you missed it, have a look at
Following on from that in next months Grow Your Own Magazine we have a questions and answers bit (about organic and natural gardening).
We've started to get some feedback on our blog.
Check out John's ramblings on
and here's the latest email I've received on the subject

Dear Heather,

I must admit I'm hooked on the Wiggly podcasts - they're brilliant. They're the perfect thing to help me survive my tube journeys to and from work, and they're extremely interesting too.

I have a question, though. Who is Richard? I've looked on your website, and in the "team" section you're there (naturally), but Richard is mysteriously absent. He seems to know everything about anything, though, so he shouldn't have to be hidden from view!

So perhaps you need to do a quick intro about him? And of course we'd all like to know more about Farmer Phil...!

Kind regards,

Mark A

Richard is indeed a fountain of all knowledge and will be on the "Meet the Team" section on our website from November! He's in charge of manning our show stands, as well as talks to gardening clubs and other interested parties. He also runs our affiliate scheme for schools and all our school projects. There will be more on Richard and indeed Farmer Phil on next weeks podcast!!

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