The Wiggly Wigglers Podcast Revisited: The 100th Show

This is the last opportunity, for the time being, to take a look back at previous podcasts before the team reconvene on the Wiggly sofa. My choice this week is the 100th episode of the Wiggly Wigglers podcast, which proves to be a chocolately chuckle and a great way to celebrate this momentous occasion.

We are transported to a strange, “slightly” (I use this term loosely!) manic world of chocolate, paper bags and talking scoreboards. Richard also treats us to one of his ever special nuggets – this time it’s his very own homemade sprinkler system. Well, he’s not called Frugal Fishbourne for nothing you know!

The podcast team is Heather Gorringe, Phil Gorringe (aka Farmer Phil) and

Richard Fishbourne (aka Ricardo).

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