The Wiggly Proper Sale is ON!

Lots of Billy Bargains....


FREE Mealworms!
Our best selling LIVE! Mealworms are on a very special Buy Three Tubs, Get Three Tubs FREE deal until 25th Jan 2010!
OK, what we're really hoping is that you'll help spread the word about this super effective birdfood by giving the free Tubs to your friends and neighbours, so that they'll find out for themselves just how much birds appreciate the extra protein and fat that only LIVE! Food can supply. (And, while you're at it, if you could lend them your trusty copy of the Wiggly Catalogue so that they can become good old Wiggly Customers too... hint, hint!) But we quite understand if you'd prefer to give your own birds a treat this winter.
Whatever, the main point is that the bird population benefits, and that's a good thing for everyone. (Although, if you could pop round with just one Tub? and our Catalogue? Go on, New Year wishes and all that! If you get on well with your neighbours, well that's brilliant, and if you don't, who knows what benefits your little gift might bring?)
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