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It’s a little while since the team alighted on the sofa as Heather has been on her Nuffield fact finding trip to the States and Richard on his South American adventure. Heather is particularly excited at the moment as her latest, and possibly most radical idea to date, is to compile the Wiggly catalogue using input from the world of cyberspace. What would YOU like to see in the next catalogue? If you would like to be involved in what is, possibly, a world first, please submit your ideas to San, by the 10th December. We would also like to put a face to the name so please send a photo of yourself (maybe in your garden) at the same time. In addition, we are looking for, as Heather would say, “corking” slogans for Wiggly t-shirts. To submit your quirky, amusing or downright side splitting slogans please e-mail Pam. The cream of the crop will appear in a Wiggly catalogue near you and, according to Heather, “something good will happen to you if you are one of the chosen ones”, but of course, don’t think of it as a bribe!

To listen to the whole of the Wiggly podcast click here.

Below is a taster of what’s on this week’s show:

Time: 00:00:00 A welcome from the new/old sofa this week and just why is Michael coming down the chimney?

Time: 00:00:52 It's been about a 100 years since we last met on the sofa and it's a good news/bad news thing!

Time: 00:01:46 Heather on the launch of the first catalogue involving customer submissions.

Time: 00:03:46 Richard tells all about his adventure to Guyana and his 300lb Arapaima gigus.

Time: 00:11:12 "Wake up chubby". Phil summons up some energy to talk about his sunflowers and bovine diseases.

Time: 00:17:12 Heather reports that a rather posh Farmer Phil, aka Tony Blair, gave a talk to Leaf members.

Time: 00:17:57 Heather talks to American Jerry Franklin, Wiggly Podcast listener, at the Podcasting Conference.

Time: 00:21:51 Heather reads out some more Southern sayings from Kevin

Time: 00:22:30 An iTunes review from Verbena and an e-mail from regular Simon Sherlock who is pining.

Time: 00:23:52 A forgetful, naive, Richard trusted Jo to forward an e-mail to Sarah... oh what a silly boy!

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