The Wiggly Podcast

This week it’s a packed podcast, with lots of listener feedback, including a great letter from Dr Jenny Andrew on carbon offsetting. We hear about Richard’s exploits on The Weakest Link from Heather, who is desperate to see the show because she was on her Nuffield trip when it went out. So, to all those dedicated Wiggly fans out there and cat lovers far and wide, “Do you have the show on tape or know how we can get hold of a copy?” It might even be worth some chocolate or, at the very least, the satisfaction that you will make Richard cringe all over again!

We also get to hear some more snippets from Heather’s trip to the States where she chats to Amy Stewart about her latest book, accompanied by the sound of Amy’s chickens. We then hear from avid podcast listener Patrice who shows Heather around her garden and talks about her passion for composting. The last in the trio of American ladies on the show this week is Margot and her large thighs! Who needs a workout when you work with recycled concrete?

Lastly this week the fate of the pig duo is discussed… it only seems two minutes since podcast 91 when Heather and Phil trotted off to collect the girls. I think Alison is looking forward to a piggy pie or two!!

ps The beautiful specimens in the picture are my cats, brothers Zak and Jasper and the picture is dedicated to Richard!

To listen to the whole podcast click here.

Below is a taster of what’s on this week’s show:

Time: 00:00:18 The Wiggly team creaks into action with some feedback and Richard is fishing for compliments.

Time: 00:03:27 Feedback from Dr Jenny Andrew on carbon offsetting followed by the team's thoughts.

Time: 00:08:00 Heather's baked a slanting Victoria biscuit, Phil's got wind and Richard's full of hot air!

Time: 00:09:18 A pink, wet Richard IS the Weakest Link (Just what is the European Wine Mountain Richard?)

Time: 00:11:47 Feedback from Kate at

Time: 00:13:21 Heather chats to Amy Stewart about her lady chickens and the latest book (

Time: 00:28:16 Podcast listener Patrice tells Heather about her gardening exploits and passion for composting.

Time: 00:32:10 Margot, the recycling giant, shows off her pickup complete with chain saw, grass and daylight

Time: 00:35:37 Adi, the DJ with the soggy PC, drops in from outer space with a joke. Time: 00:37:32 Richard plans to build a cold frame and the team talk about


Time: 00:40:19 Cats don't like muscle spray on teabags!

Time: 00:40:40 Heather on her quest for the best Wiggly t-shirt slogans (

Time: 00:41:21 What's happening to the pigs? The team plus Alison discuss killing & chopping the porkers.

Time: 00:45:49 News Flash! Listening to the Wiggly podcast is better than


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