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This week’s podcast gets off to a somewhat odd start with a bunch of strange people talking about keeping small pink calves in dustbins. Then we have a bit of feedback from listener and former city slicker Louise on her transformation into country girl. Sartorially elegant Farmer Phil raves about his great day out at Monmouth Girls’ School explaining the ins and outs of producing food followed by a bit of ribbing from Richard. The main feature this week is Richard and his antics in West Wales creating a water garden for freelance translator Rachel. It sounds like it must have been a bit of a tight squeeze to get any digging in between cups of tea Rich!

“Rant of the week” is from our very own Ricardo on just how irritating Bill Oddie (or Bloddie to his friends) is and how much further is this bloke going to drag the professional Kate Humble down? I think he’s really just jealous of Bloddie’s superior dress sense and proximity to the lovely Kate. What do you reckon? To contact the team you can phone on +44 1981 500930 or e-mail

Just time for a last minute plug for the Billy Bank. If you would like to contribute to Billy’s fund raising efforts for transplant charities you can either buy Ecover refills or the Billy Calendar. How about making the calendar a present for Gramps or Uncle Bill? Alternatively, buy one for yourself and get to look at four of the Wiggly team in the buff – all done in the best possible taste you understand. To order go click here.

To listen to the whole podcast click here.

Below is a taster of what’s on this week’s show:

Time: 00:00:01 Note: Cow number 114 is Ermintrude who was bald, the size of a dog and lived in a dustbin.

Time: 00:02:42 Note: And now for the real intros and what's on this week.

Time: 00:03:50 Note: Feedback from Louise who owns a two wheeled tractor. How do we tell her it's a called a bike?

Time: 00:06:55 Note: Phil is worn out after his trip back to school to answer questions like "How do you kill a cow?"

Time: 00:11:19 Note: Feedback from school and Richard thinks Farmer Phil has been telling the girls porky pies!

Time: 00:13:48 Note: Phil reads from Nigel Slater's book, "Eating for England" and Wiggly Wigglers gets a mention.

Time: 00:15:50 Note: There are now 83 discussion topics in the Facebook Group including "Farmer Phil Fashion Show"

Time: 00:16:20 Note: Now is the ideal time to plant trees and make willow sculptures to escape from 'er indoors.

Time: 00:20:33 Note: Richard visits Rachel in Llanelli to drink tea make her rain garden and scare her baby.

Time: 00:30:06 Note: "Why is Bill Oddie so irritating?" asks Richard

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