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Understandably, there’s a bit of a Christmassy theme to this week’s show. Heather is looking forward to tasty homemade sage and onion stuffing (and, of course, the Wiggly Christmas lunch). Richard declines to write 10 facts about himself for the new collaborative catalogue so we’ll have to wait and see what Heather comes up with! Perhaps we should have a list of 10 facts about Richard from Wiggly podcast listeners instead? Any suggestions?

Anyway, moving on, the team have quite an in depth discussion about the way that wildlife issues are presented in the media. Is it just a bit too sanitised? Should the producers in fact be talking to people who live and work in the country about gritty issues faced on a daily basis?

To listen to the whole podcast click here.

Below is a summary of what's on this week's show:

Time: 00:00:02 "Merry Christmas". Richard gives Farmer Phil a woody gift and they share a fireside hug.

Time: 00:04:33 "Happy Christmas" from the Wiggly staff

Time: 00:04:46 It's time to talk about scrummy homemade sage and onion stuffing.

Time: 00:05:10 Former onion farmer Phil & the team discuss all things onion and Richard feels cleansed.

Time: 00:11:57 The mission: 10 facts from Rich about himself. No? Oh well, we'll have to make them up then!

Time: 00:13:02 And now on to the sage. Does yours go woody in the middle?

Time: 00:14:53 Phil with a bluetongue update and just what is a 90% pregnant cow?

Time: 00:18:52 The team on Robin Page's article and the presentation of wildlife issues generally.

Time: 00:29:33 It's over to Monty for his new farmcast.

Time: 00:30:08 We've got 10 signed copies of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's new Fish book (which includes a couple of Richard's photos)

Time: 00:30:38 It's official, "iPods are great" and here's how to subscribe to the Wiggly podcast.

Time: 00:31:11 Next week's show is a special and comes from Sir Roy Strong's garden.

Time: 00:32:05 We're off to the Christmas party in the village hall now for a slap up roast lunch.

Time: 00:33:04 ps Jo says, "I love Bill"

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