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This week’s podcast is a special and comes from Sir Roy Strong’s garden (The Laskett) in Herefordshire. Sir Roy Strong, a former director of the National Portrait Gallery, and his late wife started gardening at The Laskett in 1973 and it is considered to be the largest formal garden created since the Second World War. Richard and Sir Roy ramble through the garden, moving from room to room whilst Sir Roy explains how the garden evolved into what you see today.

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Below is a summary of what's on this week's show:

Time: 00:00:02 Note:

Welcome from the Wiggly sofa and here's what's on this week's show.


00:01:18 Note: And now for something more serious and very moving.


00:01:50 Note: Richard chats to Sir Roy Strong in his romantic, nostalgic

Herefordshire garden

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