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What better way to start a new year than with a bit of fun and some new haircuts from the Wiggly sofa? Is it a hat? Is it a weight? No, it’s a lion! A cottage arrives on the drive and Farmer Phil takes the Muddy Matches test to discover if he’s a muddy or a townie and it’s proves to be quite revealing!

Richard advises what we should and shouldn’t be doing in the garden in January, like wearing suitable head wear, and how to rotate crops to avoid disease.

Last, but not least, the subject of Bergamot returns again. Is Michael correct in thinking it’s more like an orange than a lemon?

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Below is a summary of what's on this week's show:

Time: 00:00:00 Happy New Year from Hev & Rich and season's felicitations from deteriorating Farmer Phil

Time: 00:01:27 and now to the new hair cuts... Richard reckons Heather resembles the lion from The Wizard of Oz

Time: 00:03:25 What's on the show this week?

Time: 00:03:43 Feedback from Louise whose husband's mates also say Mark has a bicycle!

Time: 00:04:19 A little Bergamot teaser from Heather

Time: 00:04:39 85 fantastic Facebook discussions on the go plus the cat topic and Heather wants the last word!

Time: 00:05:05 Richard on veg patch planning and crop rotation.

Time: 00:08:42 The team discuss organic seeds

Time: 00:10:42 Farmer Phil is lazy and Heather should be hoeing (her new hairstyle should keep her warm!)

Time: 00:11:15 If Rich grew his hair could we pass him off as Kate Humble at a distance?

Time: 00:11:56 A house arrives on the drive & Phil tries out the Muddy Matches test (

Time: 00:23:52 Heather is in apple pie mode to impress Podchef!

Time: 00:24:47 What should we be sowing now Richard?

Time: 00:30:20 It's time for a Montycast

Time: 00:30:35 The team are banned from tasting Jodie's sprouting seeds - so they tuck in!

Time: 00:33:49 ...and now to Bergamot. Is it an orange or not? We also have a tea recipe from listener Kate.

Time: 00:35:38 "What's coming up next week Rich?" "No idea!"

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