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This week, it’s Part 2 of Heather’s Nuffield Scholarship trip to the USA and then she heads off to Canada with Farmer Phil and Monty. Her first stop is at the biodynamic vineyard owned and run by 24 members of the Benziger family on the slopes of the Sonoma Mountain. The next scheduled stop is at City Farmer in Vancouver where they teach urban agriculture and environmentalism and run a regional compost hotline that serves over 2 million people. Whilst Heather is talking beetles with the staff they are entertained by The Regal Trio playing a track from The Beatles. The last stop is at Geek Farm Life where they practice sustainable farming and add value to their own lives.

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Below is a taster of what’s on this week’s show:
Time: 00:00:18 Welcome! Richard's minding his own business, but it's still his fault and goats are smelly.
Time: 00:03:29 It's time for this week's Montycast
Time: 00:03:51 Heather visits the biodynamic vineyard run by the Benziger family (
Time: 00:09:21 Heather visits Vancouver City Farmer where she talks about beetles to the sounds of The Beatles
Time: 00:21:08 And now to the folks at Geek Farm Life to the sound of turkeys and a head butting goat.

The podcast team is Heather Gorringe, Phil Gorringe (aka Farmer Phil) and Richard Fishbourne (aka Ricardo)

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