The Wiggly Highlights Podcast

Photograph by John Harding.

Look, I have found how to link to our podcast in iTunes.
The New Year Wiggly Podcast is available here
There we are.
There are taster sessions of the main Wiggly Rows - The Hedgerow Row and The Cat Fight as well as Honey Tasting, interviews with Clare Short, Tim Smit and Anita Roddick as you've never heard them before. There's Alex searching for Owls or Bats! Batman Mike turns his sonar thingy on, Rich and Alison on a quad bike with lots of moths and Rach on the piano! Monty shares a few facts on worms and the outtake is of course Richards Hospital Bowel Story!

If you've never listened in before try this one, and... its free!
For our Wiggly listeners, many thanks for tuning in and contributing to the success of the show - we love making it. Had you noticed?
We would be grateful if you spread the word to your friends, Aunty Ethel and whoever else may enjoy a dip into country life, sustainable living, small business, gardening, and all things Wiggly. This is the show for them to try, perhaps you would email them, or visit their house, download the podcast, apply headphones...
Anyway I wish you a very Happy New Year

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