The Wiggly Guide to pulling a Bird...

Thank you to Michael Storm for the following email and photo:

"Thought you might like to see a friendship that has been nurtured by Wiggly Wiggler's mealworms.
As the ground had become so dry without any substantial rain for some time I needed extra rations for the blackbirds nesting in the ivy at the bottom of my 60ft garden and also the bluetits in a nesting box on the side of the house. I ordered a supply of mealworms from you and after a couple of days and a lot of patience I had the male blackbird feeding very very cautiously from my hand. It then used to call me for food and even came into the garage/workshop. On two occasions, one when I was using a bandsaw and the other when I was using the lathe with wood chippings flying around I noticed movement beside me. It was my dear little friend who had come into my work area requesting more mealworms for his fledgling family. He even brings his wife occasionally, though she is a lot more timid ! I took the photo when he came into the workshop on to a toolchest on one of his visits."

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