The war against slugs

If you don’t have your very own pest patrol (like mine pictured above), it is quite likely that you are inundated with slugs, which are one of the commonest garden pests.

Slugs seem to thrive almost everywhere and delight in snacking on every part of your plants and veggies, including the roots. These pesky pests come in all shapes and sizes, mostly come out at night and love warm damp conditions, especially in spring and autumn.

Unfortunately for gardeners, slugs can breed throughout the year with their peak egg laying time being in early spring or autumn. It is only periods of drought or frost that affect their breeding.

If you are against using chemical control and you don’t own ducks, you could try using nematodes in your war against slugs. Nemaslug contains these nematodes and comes in a powdered format which is mixed with water and applied using a watering can. These nematodes, which occur naturally in the soil, are parasitic, microscopic eelworms invisible to the naked eye.

The nematodes enter the slug through the saddle like structure on its back (called the mantle) carrying with it bacteria that multiply within the slug. The slug will stop feeding and burrow underground to die. Nemaslug is effective on slugs up to 4” (10cm) in length. For slugs larger than this try using slug traps.

It is important to stress that the nematodes in Nemaslug only affect slugs and will not harm other wildlife, pets or children.

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