The Victoria Derbyshire Show

On Wednesday last I received a telephone call from the FSB to say that BBC Radio 5 Live was looking for a small business to talk on the Victoria Derbyshire Show about the TUC's new report about unpaid overtime. They have brought out research that says that somewhere around 5 million people are working nearly a day every week doing unpaid overtime. They are talking about salaried workers as opposed to those on hourly pay. My points were that although it certainly isn't a good thing for a business to expect exceesive hours to be worked that flexibility and goodwill is the key. In this world of high tech it is Saturday evening, I am blogging, having just cooked my son his tea and completed the tescos shop online. Later I'll be listening to a couple of podcasts and checking the Wiggly Orders - work is no longer easily defined in terms of time spent or location, and in my case thats great in terms of flexibility and interest.

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