The Queen of Apple Pies

Farmer Phil's comment in yesterday’s podcast that Heather is in “apple pie mode” only scratches the surface of what has been going on in the kitchen at Lower Blakemere Farm – it really has to be seen to be believed! So, here on the Wiggly blog we have an exclusive shot of action woman Hev, who, rather bizarrely, appears to be holding a large pair of pants and is using her laptop for something or other. No Hev, it’s NOT a lean, mean, fat reducing, grilling machine! Never mind a competition for t-shirt logos I would love to hear from you with witty (of course) captions for this photo!

Here is a recipe for “Jenny’s Apple Pudding” from The Girl’s Own Paper dated 25 September 1880.
Ingredients: Three eggs, four or five large apples,
three ounces of bread finely grated, three ounces of currants carefully washed
and dried, about three ounces of sugar, a pinch of salt and a little nutmeg.

Mix all well together, and if too stiff add a little milk. Put the
mixture into a buttered basin and tie it over with a cloth. Boil for two hours,
serve plainly, or with sweet sauce made with corn flour.

A particularly good book with some great recipes for those unusual/old varieties of apple that you may have lurking in the corner of your garden is The Apple Source Book written by Sue Clifford and Angela King.

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