The new Wiggly Wigglers catalogue has arrived!

It’s a big day today at Wiggly Wigglers as the first copies of our new catalogue are plopping onto doormats all over the country.

The Wiggly Wigglers catalogue is absolutely stuffed with new products and is bigger and better than ever before. In addition to the new goodies, there are personal stories from contributors such as members of staff, customers and bloggers, which makes it feel more like a book than a catalogue.

Personally, I’m very excited about the new chicken section. As you probably already know I am rather fond of chickens and love the idea that more people might be inspired to keep a few hens at the bottom of the garden. It’s so great to see them scratching around and the eggs are just perfect.

Contributions from bloggers include Podchef, Melanie at Bean Sprouts, Anna Farmery at The Engaging Brand, Anne at Downshifting Path to Simplicity, Frankie at Veg Plot, Jane Perrone at Horticultural, Mark Eccleston at The Green Fingered Photographer, Simon Sherlock and Top Veg

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