The Archers available as a Podcast!

BBC Radio 4 long running radio series The Archers is finally available as a podcast, and has shot to Number Two in the iTunes charts.

Now bearing in mind that The Wiggly Podcast is like The Archers - but real (and funny) and The Archers Podcast is like the Wiggly Podcast (but not real), if you are listening to one you will almost certainly enjoy the other!

If you would like to share your enthusiasm for the Wiggly Podcast - why not mention it in a review on iTunes for the Archers - or email those folks for us and let them know how the shows compare!

Here's our pigs - photo taken by Michael Maloney.



And here is one of Monty's Pigcasts on the podcast - a weekly fact on pigs

Pigs are supposed to be able to smell the wind. So if a pig was seen running around with straw in its mouth, windy weather was thought to be on the way.

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