Terry Walton writes about Bokashi


What a strange name for a bucket sized composter that in my case sits outsides my kitchen door. I tried to convince my wife that it would look good on the work surface in the kitchen, and it would, but to no avail it sits outside. When I first received one of these units I thought why have I done this when most of my kitchen waste is handled rather nicely by my wormeries? But like all adventurous gardeners  who will try anything for great compost and love recycling, it was in for a penny in for a pound.

The great advantage of this air tight unit is that kitchen waste such as meat, bread and fish ‘bits’ can be composted into useful ingredients for the compost heap with no smell and free from those nasty rodents who would soon find a well fed home on your compost heap if this foodstuff was added to the main heap.

So kitchen scraps are added to this bin regularly and then covered by this magical ingredient, the bran, which sets free millions of micro organisms that quickly convert this useless waste into  a gardeners dream! Yes, I used to buy, yes buy, an accelerator to add to my Dalek type compost bins but after a few weeks the contents of the Bokashi are added to my compost bins and do this super job for free. A thrifty gardener’s delight!

But not only do I get this great compost accelerator but in the reservoir at the bottom of this ‘modified bin’ there is this pale yellow liquid that is rich in nutrients. A table spoon of this liquid added to a gallon of water gives me a free plant food which perks up my vegetables. These constant free by products makes my pocket feel much happier.

So good was my supply of these materials that I have a two bin system now that means as one completes its composting cycle  the other one is still producing.

During the winter months I still add the contents of the Bokashi to my compost bins but the yellow liquid flowing freely from the reservoir is no longer required to feed my dormant plants. So this product does not go to waste but is poured down my drains and these millions of little bacteria clean my plumbing by munching on the ‘nasty’ waste that builds up in the pipes.

What a system! Not only do I have the best compost, the best fed vegetables during the growing season but my wife is happy we have the cleanest drains in the locality!  All from two plastic bins and also that magical bran!

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