Talking to Flowers.......

Farmer Phil gets hypnotised by a sunflower...............
I need a caption for this for our catalogue dont I? Please fill in the comment box with your ideas!!!
In the meantime a few more sunflower facts!
Sunflower Oil is made from the Black Seeds - not the stripey ones
Sunflowers grow up to 18ft.
One sunflower can have up to 2000 seeds!
The sunflower is phototropic when the plant is in the bud stage, meaning that it tends to follow the movement of the sun from east in the morning to west in the afternoon.
Once the flower opens, most sunflowers face east.
Aimee Parry usually always grows the tallest sunflowers in Preston on Wye but Farmer Phil has now grown the most!!
Rabbits like sunflowers - we have found this out this year...................

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