Super shreddings

I recently read an article in The Guardian about how supermarkets are failing to reduce packaging. The figures make pretty grim reading. Up to 38% of food packaging cannot be recycled.

Amongst the top supermarkets Marks & Spencer are one of the worst offenders with the largest amount of packaging and the least being recyclable at 62%.

With concerns growing about ever increasing pressures on precious resources it seems incredible that more companies aren’t reducing packaging or, at the very least, making it recyclable.

Here at Wiggly Wigglers we try to keep our packaging to a minimum with the vast majority of it being recycled packaging that can in turn either be re-used or recycled.

The latest tool on site is a cardboard shredder so that all the boxes we receive are shredded and used as packing material. We also recycle newspapers, the office paper shreddings and waste from other companies as packing material.

I am not saying that we are perfect and we are always looking for ways to improve, but we do try and we will keep trying to be greener.

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